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Life With Benny 4.0: I'm turning 40 this year!

In late 2009 and early 2010, as I was approaching 30 years old, I was freaking out! They used to say something like “35 was basically dead in gay years.”

Because of the over-emphasis our gay men’s community can place on youth, I thought 30 was “old.”

COMMENTARY: Sequestration will leave our seniors hungry

For the low-income seniors served food by Senior Community Centers in San Diego, sequestration means a cut of 32,000 meals in the coming year.

COMMENTARY: Elder Economic Planning Act is a major win for all Californians

AB 138 provides a better measure of senior poverty through the Elder Index, a new tool that accurately quantifies the annual cost of meeting basic needs for retired, older adults in each county throughout the state of California.