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Lambda Legal responds to discriminatory Texas foster care bill

House Bill 3859 (HB 3859) passed the Texas House of Representatives today. HB 3859 allows the state foster care system to invoke the religious beliefs of the state’s child placement agencies, including those funded by federal government, when placing children in foster or adoptive care.

Franklin Graham's comments are some of the most homophobic things we've ever seen

In just the first 60 seconds of this interview with Franklin Graham, the son of charismatic preacher Billy Graham, viewers are treated to his condemnation of gay adoption as "recruitment," fear-mongering about a political gay agenda, as well as a strong endorsement of Russian president Vladimir Putin's harsh policies towards LGBT individuals.

ADOPT ME! Take Amelia home!

Amelia is a black and tan Chihuahua. She is 10 years old and has been spayed.

ADOPT ME! Take Artie home!

Artie is a grey and black Terrier. He is 2 years old and has been neutered.

HRC celebrates National Adoption Month

LGBTQ youth make up 5%-10% of the overall youth population and yet 20%-40% of the homeless youth population.