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It's rattlesnake season in San Diego, here's what you should know

One rattlesnake found in La Jolla in 2015

As April approaches and people get up and out of their dens, so too do the rattlesnakes.

An interaction with one is rarely deadly, but can cause serious injury.

There are more reports of bites between the months of April and October; an estimated 800 cases each year.

New Central Library now charging for parking | VIDEO

Taxpayers shelled out some of the $185 million to open the new Central Library in downtown San Diego. It is free to get in, but parking will cost you $1.25 every 20 minutes and patrons tell Team 10 that is just too much money.

VIDEO: Sean Sala speaks against anti-gay "conversion therapy"

Senate Bill 1172, authored by state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), would prohibit a psychotherapist from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts without first disclosing the risk of harm and obtaining the patient’s informed consent.