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Living and Loving Life, it’s Just That Simple

Where to begin…

I must first congratulate SDGLN.com publisher Johnathan Hale and Editor-in-Chief Margie M. Palmer on this new and exciting venture. I am honored in having been asked to join their team of contributors.

When talking with Margie about their concept of bringing a positive, fun, informative new media to our community, I was excited to be asked to be part of something that can unite us in a way that inspires growth. Not just by bettering ourselves, but by bettering those we have the privilege of sharing this wonderful community with.

For those of you who don’t know me, I moved to San Diego on August 18, 1989, to be with my best friend who was battling full blown AIDS. Coming from San Antonio, Texas, a wonderful place I called home, I made the decision to move to San Diego knowing I’d become just another face in the crowd. No job, no money and my best friend on his death bed. It was here I saw total strangers open up their hearts and arms to help my dear friend die in peace.

It was because of the kindness and love that this community gave him I was inspired to continue to make a life here. Since that time I’ve bartended at the Brass Rail, Rich’s and Bourbon Street, just to name a few. In these past 20 years I have had the great privilege to learn and work with some amazingly kindhearted people who have made it a priority to help better our community. For that, I am grateful.

Over the years I have also taken my hobby of being a photographer and have been able to share my work with many of you. Yet I have still found time for personal development and try every day to be the best person I know I can and want to be. I believe our lives are what we choose them to be. Henry Ford once said, “Either you can or you can’t. Either way your right.” Well, I believe I can, and with these written words I can only hope to be a guide to inspiring others that they can as well.

One of my goals as an SDGLN.com columnist is to highlight ways in which you, my readers, can become involved with our community- especially in a time where it needs you more than ever. This community has embraced so many of us who have needed a helping hand, oftentimes when we’ve needed it most. Together we must continue to “pay it forward” through our good deeds.

It’s time we begin to help each other find ways to come up with positive solutions to problems instead of attacking and finding fault with each other. It’s time we find a common ground, although I understand that at times, it will be difficult. Focus on making things better in your life and make time to enjoy living and loving life. It’s that simple. I invite you all to join SDGLN.com on this journey of bettering ourselves, bettering our community, and inspiring positive change.