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Pop Op: A tale of two cities

Travis shares with us some of the birthday shenanigans he experienced, split between his two favorite cities, LA and San Diego.

Hanging out with Benny: Get out the vote - naked or not!

We are fast approaching November 2010 but as I talk to people around town, some do not even realize an election is coming up. Really? We will be electing a new governor (yes, good old Arnold is termed out), voting on senators, county supervisors, councilmembers, state assembly, school board - there are many reasons to get out and vote!

Life with Benny: New beginnings

I'm back and I’m really starting to embrace this next decade of my life, having become fully immersed in "30." It has been four months now and I have completely realized that life did not end at 30, it has only gotten better, but is also time for new beginnings.