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For Men

Ex-gay blogger Matt Moore can’t resist Grindr

Matt Moore, a blogger at the Christian Post who has written extensively about his experiences with homosexuality and his ultimate decision to leave that “lifestyle,” has been spotted on the gay hook-up site Grindr.

Fabulously Out: Put it on like a man!

If the idea of thinking of your next coat leaves you scratching your head (causing some serious hair mess), then here are some of the latest trends you might want to consider. SDGLN fashion guru Christian Baez has the answers.

Fashionably Out: Carry on, dear gays!

Some things to think about before buying a bag: How often will you use it? How will you use it? What will you use it for? Look at it as an investment rather than an accessory.

Bel Ami porn stars’ lawsuit against gay cruise line dismissed

A lawsuit by Bel Ami Online, a European company known in the gay community for its line of porn videos featuring extremely young actors, and RSVP, an American company specializing in all-gay charter cruises, is dismissed by a federal judge in Los Angeles.