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For Men

'Mean Gays' and the beauty culture

We all know that LGBT people face higher rates of suicide, depression, and anxiety; a variety of mental health issues due to the microagressions we face on a daily basis. But something we don't talk about enough is the higher rates of eating disorders our communities face as well, especially in the queer male identified community.

Guys, Games & Grub is Wednesday at The Center

This free event also includes pizza, snacks, beer and beverages for all attendees while enjoying fun games, conversation and friends. Over 200 men typically show up each month.

The most desired gay male escorts tell all

Boomer Banks is newly crowned the top escort in the world at the Hookie Awards, a ceremony co-produced by Rentboy.com that honors male escorts. And life, he says, is really good: “I made a choice, and I’m owning it.”

Aaron Borovoy to pass torch to Mr. Bear San Diego 2014

On Saturday, March 29, Bears San Diego will present the “Mr. Bear San Diego 2014” contest, during which last year’s winner will hand the title over to the winner. The contest takes place at The Hole, and is emceed by Empress Roxy Bleau.