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For Men

Sickness is as sickness does

After receiving a fairly clean a bill of health from my doctor, with no underlying health issues, the diagnosis was stress. Not necessarily all the bad kind of stress, but a variety of things, including forgetting about my own self-care.

We can play too!

Flag football may not sound like an intense sport, but people that say this have never witnessed one of the games, where men and even a few women give it their all in a sport that - more often than not - involves full contact. Dirt, sweat, and occasionally, blood and tears accompany many of the games.

Taking one for the team

I hadn’t planned to spend four hours on Saturday morning at the field learning how to pass, pull, and punt (and I’m not sure if I actually learned these things, but they are football terms that I heard thrown around), but I got talked into it. It was an incredibly well-organized event and a very positive experience that has changed my perception of our LGBT sports community.

Pop Op: Contemplating Valentine's Day in a new fashion

Somewhere between Barney’s Co-op and Bloomingdale's, a Dalmatian puppy caught Nick’s eye. More specifically, a Dalmatian puppy stuffed animal at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Unfortunately for Nick, the limited edition Valentine’s Day Dalmatian didn’t go on sale for another week and fortunately for me, I had a great gift idea.

Filth2Go, February 5, 2010

Have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up? Some of you may be reading this on the actual day - which, for the record, is February 13th.

Pride board had too much pride

The so-called Pridegate debacle started long before anyone awarded a bonus or fired anybody. It began when the culture of San Diego Pride became one of … well … PRIDE.

Letting go is hard to do

Letting go is hard to do. We often get wrapped in certain people, things and events that are just so hard to shake.

Filth2Go January 29, 2010

I certainly never get tired of watching the ever earnest Anderson Cooper reporting from Haiti. Is it just me or are his T-shirts getting tighter?

Pop Op: Up in the Air

The old saying goes “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” but in the age of Skype, "Friends and Family" calling plans and Facebook, are we doing more than just racking up the frequent flyer miles?