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For Men

My wake-up call on friendships

My most cherished friends are the people with whom I share my deepest thoughts, feelings and secrets. With these friends, I can call them day or night, as many times as I want, to laugh, cry, or even just talk about random nothingness; and they are a huge part of who I am as a person.

Holy diaper duty! I'm just too busy for a stroller right now

Don’t get me wrong - I love my nieces, cousins, and little brother very much. They are great kids and are family! But I have created such a busy, active lifestyle that children don’t have much of a place in my schedule.

I’m HIV Poz…now what?

Why, in a society that is so concerned about their health and image, do businesses not take a stake in preserving the very people that give them their profits? And why is safe sex not at the very front of every sexually active person’s mind?

Pop-Op: Weathering the relationship forecast

Now when you've had a room to yourself for as long as I have, you forget how to share your space. You also forget that not everyone shares your fascination with Transformers.

Hate is alive - even where we least expect it

With Palm Springs being home to such a large gay community, I did not expect to be repeatedly called a “faggot” by a car full of tough-looking boys as I innocently walked back to my car.

Wait, did I just get defriended?

Being connected to someone on Facebook is sort of like confirmation of your acquaintance with each other, even in cases where you don’t “really” know the person. But what happens when a Facebook connection is broken (ie. you are deleted from someone’s Facebook friend list)?

Pop Op: A Valentine's Day massacre

As you might recall I wrote a column that ran right before Valentines Day about my plans with Nick to spend the weekend in a cabin in Illinois hunting with his Corgis... and yes, there were going to be guns too. Well our plans got derailed and our romantic Valentines weekend got moved to San Diego.

On the fast track to a major milestone

My friends and acquaintances that are younger than me, especially my gay male friends, seem to look at 30 as sort of the end of life. They can’t fathom being such an age and sometimes speak about my turning 30 in sort of a friendly “I feel sorry for you” type of way. I’m not ready to join the AARP just yet.

Pop Op: Take 2

Why did I do it? Because I wanted things to be different and it had become a habit (albeit a bad one and one that I am ashamed of... but that’s why I'm working through it here). The whole thing got me to thinking, do old habits die hard?