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Legal Commentary: Blogging helps the GLBT equality fight

Wanting to focus on each individual as well as the GLBT group, I began my talk by introducing myself. Moments into this introduction, however, I was interrupted by a question wanting to know what my PGP is. I had never heard of this before.

Commentary: Reaching out, one panel at a time

“No, but I’ve always wondered, dude. How can these gay people, like, find other gay people to date and stuff, you know? Like, do they just come up to someone and ask whether they’re gay and want to date like that? That’s just so weird.”

Perhaps our privacy settings are set too high

How often is “fine” your response to “how’s it going?” Better yet, how often is your question, “how’s it going?” only a rote greeting with no intention to hear the response?

Love in a time of Korea

Love is celebrated in some fashion or another in every culture. One particular country where love is taken very seriously is South Korea. Korea doesn’t have one day of love like America, they have three widely celebrated days of love.

Traveling on a Budget

CouchSurfing is not to be confused with SofaSurfing, which is where one goes from friend to friend staying on their sofa as long as their friend will let them and then moves to the next friend usually due to the financial inability to land a place of their own. CouchSurfing is a community of travelers around the world.

Homosexuality and the Bible

Ever get tired of people throwing Bible verses at you, and using religion as an excuse for condemning homosexuality?