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Harvey Milk and me: “Do you want to help?”

American Airlines' Rainbow Team founder, Rick Cirillo, recalls his first meeting with Harvey Milk and how he influenced his career and LGBT activism.

Aunt Johnny: Blinkless in Seattle ...

It had been a difficult couple of weeks between the media circus around Betty White's possibly having a sex tape circulating and the passing of our dear friend, the great Rue MacClanahan.

Aunt Johnny: Hail Betty, full of grace

So the task of weeding out the fags and perverts is not an easy one - and occasionally the Church has to call in the big guns to "sniff out the gay" in situations where a potential seminarian has a sexual poker face that requires a stronger hand. And by "big guns", of course I mean me and Betty White.

Aunt Johnny: Game night with Ann Curry and the girls takes a bizarre turn

I was in a chipper mood this morning, so I didn't mind offering her a little TLC after Ann Curry's embarrassing gaffe at Wheaton College's commencement ceremony where she mistakenly raddled off a bunch of notable graduates who never actually stepped foot on the Massachusetts campus because they attended the other college in Illinois. She is one of my dearest friends, but she can be somewhat of a dingbat sometimes.