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Come out at work, and make more money!

significant findings show that people in our community who were out of the closet were earning on average 50% more than their closeted peers.

Transformations: Transgender 101 - the Dos and Don'ts

In recent years, transgender people have become a lot more visible. Many non-trans people want to be more respectful, trans-friendly and welcoming, but they don't necessarily know how to do that, or where to begin. This column will not only educate you and shed light on paths to better inclusiveness.

Gracie the boxer needs a home!

Gracie is a one in a million dog. This purebred boxer girl is not only beautiful on the outside, but she has the disposition that every dog owner wants. The 5-year-old is past the destructive stages and can be left inside her home where she prefers to just lounge in her bed.

VIDEO: January's "Cool Woman" is Lauren DeRose

Tryce Czyczynska unveils a shorter program with the addition of a mixer at the next "Coffee & Conversation with Cool Women" on Wednesday, Jan. 12. Get the details!

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Balboa Park reclamation design workshop is Jan. 8

Balboa Park Committee will host a special Park Reclamation Design Workshop intended to focus on the uses, character and design for the Plaza de Panama, East Prado, Mall (Esplanade) and rooftop park areas of the proposed Balboa Park Plaza de Panama, Circulation and Parking Structure Project.

Internet gains on television as public's main news source

In 2010, for the first time, the internet has surpassed television as the main source of national and international news for people younger than 30. Among those 30 to 49, the internet is on track to equal, or perhaps surpass, television as the main source of news within the next few years.

The Pride Law Firm is keeping the MLK dream alive

The Pride Law Firm is based on Martin Luther King's idea that "Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere." Founder Donta T. Pride helps the "Davids of the world stand up against the Goliaths" - in all areas of criminal defense, personal injury and employment law.

Kate Clinton: My wish for a better next decade

The renown political humorist and popular LGBT stand-up comedian shares her annual year-end ritual and her hopes for a better decade.