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For All

Transformations: Dignity and respect

It’s not a problem that’s just in our heads, or in our imagination. Trans discrimination is real, and when programs like SNL and the Craig Ferguson Show choose to air offensive, disrespectful and vulgar skits aimed at mocking an already-marginalized community, it just fans the flames of trans phobia.

Big Assets: Did California gay couples get a tax victory or a huge headache?

A new IRS ruling requires California gay and lesbian couples to equally split their combined community property incomes for tax reporting purposes. There are many implications with this new IRS ruling. Some are positive in our fight for equal recognition of our relationships, but there are also some real negative consequences.

Adopt me! Layla wants to be queen of your home!

We think Layla will be best as the only dog. She is very friendly with dogs outside the home, she just has to be in charge and would love be the queen of the house.