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QueerVentures: Largest gay cruise - ever - was a floating vessel of costumes and culture

Despite all the circuit parties and the "drug bust" drama, the diversity of the ship brought about an attitude of investigation, acceptance, and appreciation. This circumstance was most notably observed with the crew members, because for most, it was the first time many of them had ever interacted with GLBT people.

Daniel Duty talks about being gay at Target

Daniel Duty, out employee at Target and cosponsor of the company's GLBT business council, shares his perspective on being gay at Target and how the company overcame recent public and media backlash.

ADOPT ME! Bianca wants to ride in your car!

Bianca is an old soul with a heart of absolute gold. She is great in the home and both crate trained and housebroken. This golden gal is going to make one special family very, very happy!