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GLAAD to spotlight Latinx LGBTQ+ trailblazers throughout Hispanic Heritage Month

GLAAD to spotlight Latinx LGBTQ+ trailblazers throughout Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15, you will probably hear a lot about Hispanic or Latino or Latinx Heritage Month. Heritage months can be tricky: why set aside just one month to celebrate ethnic or marginalized groups–including their culture, resilience, and artistry–when they should be celebrated all year?

While the idea of one dedicated month can be debated, we think it’s easy to agree on one thing: how fantastic it is to uplift the creative, visionary and amazing people who are part of our LGBTQ community and who are also of Latinx heritage. So we did just that.

We could not honor today’s leaders without first acknowledging one of the mothers of our movement, Sylvia Rivera. Rivera helped lead the historic Stonewall Riot in New York, alongside Marsha P. Johnson in 1969. Although excluded from dominant “gay rights” movements at the time, she continued to be a lifelong resilient and tireless advocate for the most marginalized and underrepresented. The list of Latinx LGBTQ people we are profiling this month, mostly in the arts, is both impressive and extensive, and could easily have taken up two or more months. In other areas of society, countless LGBTQ Latinx leaders are doing great things every day in the U.S. and in Mexico and Central and Latin America.

For our profiles we chose to use Latinx and Latine both. Why not Latino or Hispanic? The term Latino, with its masculine ending, often makes women and non-binary people feel invisible. Hispanic, for some, is too rooted in Spanish heritage and does not feel inclusive of a lot of people, including those who are Indigenous and who were settled in the Americas long before colonization. Some folks like and use the term Latinx while others feel that Latine, with its e ending, makes more sense. Language does and must evolve, but the process can be challenging.

We hope you enjoy the profiles and invite you to let us know who else we should celebrate this month and beyond.

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