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Meet Pablo!

Adopt Pablo at the San Diego Human Society

Meet Pablo! This three-year-old Staffie mix is one-of-a-kind! I mean, look at that face--can he get any cuter? Of course, there's more than Pablo that meets the eye; he is a high-energy fellow that will need consistent, positive leadership and outlets to channel that energy in appropriate ways. Pablo has had a positive history with sturdy children ages 8 and up (we don't recommend any younger, though) and Pablo might do better as an only dog. As far as cats are concerned however, Pablo really likes to chase cats, as well as other small animals. His next home should have no small pets Pablo can access. That said, potential adopters will need to speak with a trainer about how best to manage these behaviors; of course these will be long-term management processes, rather than one-and-done solutions. If you can do this for Pablo, he'll reward you with all his affection for years to come! So does Pablo sound like the fellow for you? Come visit us at the San Diego Campus to speak with a counselor today!