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Check out The Center's programming and resources for women

Check out The Center's programming and resources for women

As Spring has arrived and the world is being renewed, I want to celebrate that San Diego County has now moved into the Orange Tier, and that this week, all eligible adults 16+ have access to the COVID-19 vaccine! I truly hope this finds you all healthy and well, and either vaccinated, or preparing for your turn with the hopes for much brighter days ahead for all. 

Today I’d like to focus on The Center’s offerings, groups, and resources for women. We believe in the saying that ‘when women support women, incredible things happen’ and have seen that in action in our Zoom groups, especially during the pandemic. Our Women’s Discussion Group is a small and diverse group that has become a true support system for women to connect about life’s challenges and a safe space to have conversations about struggles, relationships, family, work, and more. Our Women’s Coming Out Group provides an affirming and supportive space for women of all ages on any part of their coming out journey and explores learning about yourself, engaging with family, discovering new friends and opportunities, navigating starting a new job, and so much more and this group is here to provide whatever support is needed.

 Our newest offering is the Lesbian Café, a social group for 50+ lesbians that kicked off in March and just last week had a second meeting with increased attendance where the discussion topic was “What does the word Lesbian mean to you?” We are delighted that many single women and couples are attending and planning future discussion topics and periodic speakers. As this group is just beginning, we encourage you to join and help create the group that you’d like to see at The Center.

For Spanish-speaking women in the LGBTQ community, other important women's groups include Transgenero 2000, a support and discussion group for Spanish-speaking transgender women that covers all topics that affect transgender women, and Lestinas, a Spanish-speaking group for lesbian and bisexual women to discuss and explore issues that specifically impact that community of women. We also offer Finding Your Voice: Voice Feminizing Workshop, a gender-affirming voice therapy series with a Speech Language Pathologist to harmonize in community and explore the fundamentals of sound, breath support, and pitch. Diamonds in the Rough is another support group for Transwomen/Transfeminine women. This therapist-led support group is specifically for transgender women and transfeminine individuals, topics vary and it is closed format, requiring a meeting with a group facilitator prior to joining.

With all of these groups, the more attendance, participation, and input, the better we can serve the women in our community and increase our offerings. For information on how to join one of our Women's Groups, please email women@thecentersd.org. or trans@thecentersd.org

Women can also receive connections to The Center’s Emergency Services during COVID-19 by calling 619.800.4252 from 9am-4pm or 619.800.4216 from 4pm-9pm. These services include Food Resources like food banks and home delivery of non-perishables, rental relief and assistance, Behavioral Health Resources, free and confidential HIV testing, referrals to local partners for social service support, and so much more. We encourage all women in our LGBTQ community to see what The Center has for them!

If you are able to donate so that we are able to continue our Emergency Services for women and all of our community members, please visit https://thecentersd.org/giving/