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Meet the new project team staff at Lambda Archives

Meet the new project team staff at Lambda Archives

Late last year, the Lambda Archives of San Diego expanded their team by hiring 3 new staff members as part of the Preserving California's LGBTQ History Project. See a message from the team below, along with bios of the 3 new staffers.

More information about the Lambda Archives can be found here.

Greetings, Lambda Archives Supporters!

As archives and archivists have never been (and will never be) neutral, the project team for the Preserving California's LGBTQ History Project acknowledges that our positionalities inform the work that we do for the project, the Archives, and the community. This is especially important as we are guided by the intention of Lambda Archives to prioritize the preservation of materials that document the experiences, narratives and contributions of community members of color. For transparency, we would like to share our positionalities with the community. Gabrielle (they/he/she) is a white Cuban Jewish non-binary butch lesbian with class privilege and abolitionist left politics. Ethan (they/he) is a Queer, mixed race Xicanx, and non-binary activist who benefits from white and educational privilege. Dana (she/they) is a white, cis, queer person from a middle class background. Lastly, Joyce is a queer, nonbinary person of color who benefits from class and educational privilege.

We are honored as trans and queer community members to serve our community by preserving and promoting our local LGBTQIA+ history. We are dedicated to centering the narratives and experiences of BIPOC members of the community in our efforts. And we are excited to grow LASD’s relationships with local organizations, mutual aid groups, and community members.

In service and solidarity,

Gabrielle, Ethan, Dana & Joyce

Meet the team

Dana Wiegand

Dana Wiegand (she/they) is a queer aspiring archivist with a BA in History, who focused on the history of oppressed peoples during their undergraduate studies. Dana is currently pursuing a MLIS degree at Syracuse University and is passionate about increasing the availability and accessibility of LGBTQIA+ history and resources. She is dedicated to putting the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ persons at the forefront of historical and social discourse. In her spare time Dana enjoys reading, museums, going to the beach, and hanging out with her dogs and partner. Dana acknowledges that it is an honor to preserve the history of our community. 

Gabrielle Garcia

Gabrielle Garcia (they/he/she) is an artist and designer, writer, aspiring archivist, and a 2019 graduate from Scripps College with a BA in Media Studies and two minors in Art and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Additionally, Gabrielle is interested in the intersections of art, media, publishing, archives, and the LGBTQ community (especially butch lesbians!). In their free time, they enjoy reading, listening to leftist podcasts, watching films, making art, and going to drag king shows at Gossip Grill (pre-pandemic).

Ethan Lopez

Ethan Lopez (they/he) is a Queer, mixed race Xicanx, and non-binary activist who works at the Archives as a project assistant and is currently living on stolen Kumeyaay land. They graduated from SDSU with a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, majored in LGBTQIA+ Studies, and minored in Counseling and Social Change. Ethan has dedicated his life’s work to queer and trans activism through working with organizations such as Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders (TFFED) and The T-Spot. They are passionate about creating accessible and representative research. In their spare time, Ethan loves to create art with their partner and two tripawd cats.