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Regular patrons of Flicks raise collection to pay for the bar's NFL Ticket subscription

Regular patrons of Flicks raise collection to pay for the bar's NFL Ticket subscription
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Jeff Jackson • Facebook
A group of regular patrons of Flicks bar in Hillcrest have come together to provide a little support for the popular gathering spot during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group of nearly 50 customers took up a collection and raised $1,580 that was given to Flicks owner Jeff Jackson to assist with payment for the bar's 2020-21 NFL Ticket subscription service.
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flicks was one of Hillcrest's most popular neighborhood bars, drawing in crowds every day of the week for karaoke, the beloved Wellfare Wednesday, and during football season, to watch games. Flicks has a loyal base of regular patrons who have created a sense of family and community in the bar, especially the group of customers who regularly enjoy watching football and other televised sports games at the venue. 
With COVID-19 closures and restrictions wreaking economic havoc on small local businesses - especially those in bar and restaurant industry - Jackson first gauged interest from his loyal customers if they’d be interested in watching football games this season from Flicks. With some customers still not feeling safe in public, along with the need to follow new safety protocols while in the bar, including a food purchase, Jackson wanted to be sure there was interest before taking on the NFL Ticket subscription expense.
It turns out, there was quite a bit of interest - so much interest that the nearly 50 patrons banded together to help Jackson pay for the subscription that they all enjoy. 
“Wow, I really don’t know what to say except that I am surrounded by the best people anyone could ever hope to have in their lives,” wrote Jackson in a Facebook post.
“When I reached out to gage interest in hosting the NFL Ticket this year, I certainly didn’t expect this. My spirits are lifted by this meaningful act of kindness. Thank You so much, I’ll see you for football this Sunday!”
The text of the note given to Jackson by the group of patrons is below:
Jeff and Paul,
The year 2020 has been an awful challenge for all of us, and small businesses are suffering terribly. The generosity of Flicks, and you guys specifically, is unmatched in this community. In this difficult time, your loyal football regular crowd wanted to give back to our friends in a way that benefits everyone, but especially you. We have made a collection $1,580 to give to you in order for you to order NFL Ticket in 2020. This is our gift to the people who give us so much. Much love from your football family!
Flicks is currently open Mondays and Wednesday thru Sunday, and shows all NFL games. More information is here.