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VIDEO: Thomas Wall "Believe in Humanity"

I'd like to start to just ask you to do a really simple thing with me and let's just take a breath. Take a big deep breath in, and just open mouth, exhale, let it go. The breath is one of the simplest best tools I've ever learned in my life to calm the nervous system. And I think we all know it's really helpful to calm our nervous system in this really interesting time in history. So, I'm reaching out to conduct this social experiment because what also relaxes the nervous system is stories of kindness, and those stories are abundant right now. And one of the gifts I've been given into my life is I'm connected to so many communities and forces of good.

Some of the communities that I'm connected to is Daybreaker, which is a global community, the yoga and fitness community, the CorePower community, the Liberty Arising community, my family, I'm the youngest of eight, and everything that comes from that. That's a lot of people alone. The teachers in my life, the students, the friends, the Burning Man community, the Oprah community, which has recently just been on tour in the US with Daybreaker, and literally reached thousands and thousands of people because... All these communities, people that support Michelle Obama, and Ellen, and Lady Gaga, and Jimmy Fallon. These are forces of good in the world, and these are just a little slice of it.

Reality is us, human beings, are full of kindness and we're here to lift each other up. I know that with every ounce of my being, that is my belief. And right now, in this really interesting global situation that's happening, one of the things that I think is one of the most incredible tools is we have technology, we have these ways to stay connected. That if this happened 20 years ago, or these past situations that happened with war and epidemics, we didn't have this tool, a tool to keep us all connected and to share stories. I think most of us... If you're like me,  have a love-hate relationship with social media. But right now, my love for social media has increased quite a bit, and I see so many more people engaging in social media.

So, what I'd like to do in this experiment right now is I ask for you to just share one simple story of kindness that you've heard about, or you've seen in a video or a post. It's so simple. You can either just cut and paste it or write a little bit of something out. It's simple, but your ability to share that story, I invite you to think about a couple of things. One, how does your nervous system feel when you listen to that story? Chances are it's down. Also how does it feel to share that with others? How does it feel to receive that? And just think about how helpful that is, to just calm the nervous system a bit. And we can put in this feed here literally millions of stories. If we all commit to that, just put a story there, and then people can come back here and they can just read through this whenever they need it, story after story after story of goodness and kindness, of where people are lifting each other up. The healthcare workers, the delivery people right now, the people who are literally putting their lives at risk to help others. Because this is what humanity always does at a time of crisis, we come together.

So, please just take a moment, share a story, forward this to somebody else, and let's literally watch this social experiment unfold of kindness. And chances are, hopefully in this process, we'll get to meet some great people, like Ellen. Okay?

I love you all. Thank you for taking the time to move this forward, and share incredible stories of kindness that are happening right now in humanity. Thank you.