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City of San Diego launches website to gather information about local LGBTQ+ historic places

City of San Diego launches website to gather information about local LGBTQ+ historic places
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Hillcrest Business Association

Please visit:  https://www.planhillcrest.org/ 

Building upon the 2016 Uptown Community Plan Update and the 2016 Citywide LGBTQ Historic Context Statement the City Planning Department is partnering with the community to develop a multi-faceted historic preservation strategy and current cultural heritage for Hillcrest that will include the following:

  • historic context statement specific to LGBTQ+ history and resources in Hillcrest that will guide the evaluation and historic designation of buildings, structures and sites important to Hillcrest’s LGBTQ+ community.
  • Multiple Property Listing that will facilitate designation of individual properties within Hillcrest that have a significant association to the community’s LGBTQ+ history and heritage.
  • An evaluation of the Hillcrest Potential Historic District to determine if the potential district (or a modified boundary) is eligible for designation for its association with Hillcrest’s LGBTQ+ history.
  • If the Hillcrest Potential Historic District is determined eligible and designated, the City will work with the LGBTQ+ community to develop design guidelines for the designated historic district in order to successfully balance preservation of Hillcrest’s LGBTQ+ history with the continued economic vitality of the community.
  • An interpretive plan developed in partnership with the LGBTQ+ community that will honor and celebrate the people, events, buildings and sites (both existing and lost) important to Hillcrest’s LGBTQ+ community. The interpretive plan will provide an exciting opportunity for cultural resource history to interface with urban design, park planning, and transportation planning to create an urban environment that informs and celebrates through way-finding signage, public art, and the like.

This effort marks the first such comprehensive Historic Preservation and Cultural Heritage Planning effort to recognize and protect LGBTQ+ resources in San Diego, and may well be the first such effort in the entire state of California.