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YouTube show "Rikke & Fitch" to premiere this week

YouTube show "Rikke & Fitch" to premiere this week
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Luis Fitch - Facebook

San Diego's Rikke Bahena and Luis Fitch have created a YouTube channel that will explore America's Finest City. 

The show simply titled "Rikke & Fitch" is set to go live on Wednesday, February 26.

"We are very excited to start this adventure with all of you," they wrote in a social media post announcing the premiere. "Thank you for your love and support always."

The duo says they are going to interview people, visit “spots of interest” and do other fun activities. 

"My dear friend Rikke and I are so excited for this new venture and would appreciate your love and support," Luis posted on Facebook. 

 Although the creators are LGBT oriented, they say they aren't going to only focus on that community but welcome all the "diversity that makes San Diego a beautiful place to live."

You can follow "Rikke & Fitch" on Facebook HERE

 "Rikke & Fitch" premieres on YouTube this Wednesday, February 26 at noon.