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Hillcrest's Mural Alley adding new artwork by renowned urban artists

Hillcrest's Mural Alley adding new artwork by renowned urban artists.
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The Mural Alley project is back underway after a few delays in 2019. The community has come together on this project and there are a few updates on what is being planned.

The section known as Mural Alley is a passageway behind the art gallery The Studio Door on Fourth Avenue in Hillcrest. 

According to Patric Stillman, founder of The Studio Door, the alley was once the site of many murals including a piece from famed contemporary artist Sheppard Fairy.

There have been recent efforts to give the alley a facelift of sorts by way of urban artistry. The hope is the update would enhance the site with a more pleasant atmosphere.

Along with the paintings, there has also been talk about replacing the harsh security lights currently in place with more attractive market lighting. 

The first update comes this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, when transformational artist Maxx Moses will finish the mural he started last year.

Then, Gloria Muriel, who is returning from Los Angeles after completing a few works, will also create a mural. 

Both Moses and Muriel are known internationally and create vibrant and unique works of urban art.

Montana Paints will donate materials for the projects.

East Coast Pizza is rebranding and getting an update to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mural.

There are also talks that Fnnch, and Recycled Propaganda would add their artwork along the passage too.

"It feels great to see our neighbors, business owners and property owners come together to support public art," said Stillman of the project. "The few murals are already Instagramable destinations.  I look forward to it all coming together this year."

So keep an eye out while traveling through Hillcrest, you might just see the neighborhood getting a little more colorful with works from some of the industry's most celebrated urban artists. 

Patrons interested in supporting Mural Alley project can contact The Studio Door.