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New men's lifestyle store Sir & Son opens in Hillcrest

New men's lifestyle store Sir & Son opens in Hillcrest
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Sir & Son

Located in the big red building known as Eitol Towers in Hillcrest there's a new shop called Sir & Son. You can find everything from clothing to artwork to grooming products. 

We asked owner Richard Romano to describe his concept for the store and what people can expect when they shop there: 

When I came up with the concept of the store I wanted to open a men's clothing lifestyle store that would elevate Hillcrest’s shopping experience. Sir & Son is a private label clothing and  lifestyle store. 

The items in the store were designed by myself. I have taken great pride in designing all the clothing, artwork jewelry, home accents, grooming products and custom designed swarovski crystal adidas shoes. It brings me great pleasure to see customers when they come into the store and want to touch and feel the collections and I love their reactions when they look closely at things that on first glance would be missed. 

SIR & SON’s concept is to offer today's man with style and fashion with a hint of playfulness. Sir & Son proves that style and fashion is not expensive, it's all in how you wear it. We are more than a T-shirt store.  I style the clothing to bring out the masculinity of the SIR in anyone and still have the sexyness of the SON. 

The artwork in the store plays an important part of the stores concept.

I created a collection of artwork that would resemble a SIR in a 1970 porn magazine centerfold; edgy and masculine. The other collection of artwork captures the seductiveness of the SON. All the home accents are whimsical as well as being a starter in any home. Sir and Son also carries a product line for beards. The exudes fragrances that are sexy and manly. The line consists of beard oils, beard balms and beard wash. In the near future I will be introducing hair products, as well as an exclusive line of Sir & Son cologne.

SIR & SON will be introducing new collections every 3-4 months. During that time additional pieces to the existing collection will be brought in. The design and inventory of the store will always be changing.

SIR & SON will also be hosting many events. The space lends itself to host amazing parties at Eitol towers located on the upper level of the courtyard overlooking the magnificent restaurant insideOUT. The ambiance and vibe of the space plays perfectly with the Sir & Son brand. 

When we opened on October 25th 2019, the store was received with amazing reviews and wonderful compliments.

I look forward to many years of stylizing the SIR’s & SON's of San Diego

Sir & Son is located at 1642 University ave, Unit 209, San Diego, 92103.