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Rodney Kawano Farms at Hillcrest Farmers Market

Farming is a lot of hard work and Rodney Kawano is grateful for his success. ProduceGood and our receiving agencies are fortunate that Rodney is happy when giving and sharing his bounty with others. Over the past two years, he has donated almost 22,000 pounds to the Market Share program.

That is one generous heart if you don't mind my saying.

The owner of Rodney Kawano Farms is a third-generation farmer in Southern California, farming in Oceanside and Vista.

How many people can say that? Really!

Their CSA program includes farm fresh produce, including tomatoes, sweet corn, and mushrooms and other things such as local honey.

Born and raised in Vista, Rodney felt the best when playing sports. Baseball, football, and golf were his favorite and he said it was a great way to meet many of his friends.

When asked what he likes about ProduceGood, he said:

“The mission is authentic and Nita has stayed true to that mission. I don’t run across a lot of people who do what they say and follow through. Nita and ProduceGood are true to their word, very authentic and trustworthy." 

It takes one to know one, I say.

Rodney is a kind man, a spiritual man, someone who enjoys time introspecting. You can see that in his face. 

Next time you stop by a Farmers Market anywhere in San Diego, look for Rodney Kawano Farms and say hello to this family of farmers that brings to the community great fresh produce and shares their bounty with those in need.

We know how good it feels to support locally.