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The heat is on: Red or Green Cuisine at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

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Hillcrest Farmers' Market

The Hillcrest Farmers' Market has a hot new vendor roasting the legendary, iconic fresh-harvested New Mexico Hatch chiles every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm through the end of September at the Hillcrest Farmers Market.

Raised on their grandfather and fathers' chili farm in New Mexico,  Red or Green Cuisine owners Manny and Manny, (two guys--same name) bring to the market live fire-roasted fresh Hatch chiles, available to take home by the pound, or eat on-site in hot tasty entree like Hatch chile quesadillas. 

Manny and Manny use a large, rotating gas-fired drum to roast the chilis live on site the Hillcrest Farmers Market. Hatch chiles are cherished all over America for their uniquely sweet, mildly hot and earthy flavor, and are a favorite of five-star restaurants across the country when in season.

But the Hatch New Mexico chile season happens fast, from August through the end of September this year.

So saddle up and ride on down to the Hillcrest Farmers Market to celebrate a cherished, centuries-old western culinary tradition of hot, fresh roasted Hatch Valley Chiles.

The Hillcrest Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm at 960 Normal St. San Diego, California

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