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 Zachary Renfro and the art of San Diego

 Zachary Renfro and the art of San Diego.
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 Zachary Renfro

Take a look at Zachary Renfro's photos on his personal Facebook page and you'll discover someone who has a great smile, seems fun-loving and sports some seriously amazing eyelashes.

But he is also a man of the people, someone who, when he's not working as a Petty Officer in the US Navy, heads B2 Creative Productions Inc. which embraces San Diego's burgeoning artist community. 

 At 23-years-old  Zachary is originally from Plano, Texas and moved to San Diego six years ago where he now enjoys spending time with his boyfriend Jackson. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News wanted to get to know Zachary a little more so we asked him a few questions about his life and B2 Creative Productions. 

What motivates you to do B2 Productions. What is B2 exactly? 

B2 (AKA B Squared) Creative Productions Inc. is a coalition of San Diego’s artists and performers providing art shows and art-related activities to promote healthy and active community integration. We also provide exposure to all artists whether they are established, successful individuals to the individuals who have never showcased their talents in a public setting before.

B2 Creative Productions Inc. was initially founded by a local artist, Erik Benson. In 2014 he hosted a singular of art shows titled, The Lonely Hearts Club. In January 2018 Benson collaborated with another local artist, Kristen Beck to re design the singular art shows thus beginning a new era of community integration, Benson and Beck aka B2 (Squared).

Through the years of hosting art shows at a local establishment, #1 Fifth Ave. We’ve evolved from one singular show solely focused on visual art into an array of arts such as paintings, photography, singing, dancing, modeling, and handcrafted merchandise. We went from 10-20 occupants to our latest show hosting over 200 individuals throughout one production.

In June of 2019, we received our filings back from the Secretary of State providing our documentation for our fully incorporated charity status. B2 is a 100% voluntary organization operating individually throughout businesses.

What is something that many people do not know about you? 

Something people don’t usually know about me is I love a tough challenge. Anything where I can use my talents and skills to benefit the community is a must for me and my life.

What would you like to see change in the LGBT community? 

I love the LGBT community to pieces, but racism and sexism exists everywhere within our community and outside of it. It MUST stop and I, nor will B2 Creative Productions Inc. stand for it. Equal opportunity sometimes doesn’t necessarily mean equal in regards to sex, religion, orientation, identification or race. Myself and my team is dedicated to setting the example for others to follow on how people should be treated- with love, acceptance and RESPECT.

What do you like most about the local LGBT community? 

What I like most about the LGBT community here in Hillcrest is the support people give to good causes.

My greatest example is when a local bartender fell terminally ill, Tiger’s Pictionary- another fantastic weekly event in our community- hosted a benefit night to raise money to support the individual so he could have peace of mind in his last days with us.

It touched my heart to see how many people and how many businesses came out to support a fallen member of our community.

What sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life other than volunteering?

I stopped drinking back in January of 2019 in order to free my time to explore this great city we call home. There are thousands of people to meet, places to see, establishments to visit and memories to make here in San Diego, so if I’m not growing B2 Creative Productions Inc. I’m probably out trying something new.

If you were granted three wishes, how would you use them?

As a sailor who has deployed twice to the middle east, I would END the political madness happening overseas, I would bring our troops back HOME and I would wish B2 became well known in order to serve the community and to touch as many lives as possible

If you could host a dinner party and invite three people (dead or alive), who would they be and why? 

If I could host a dinner party I would invite my great Aunt Carolyn and my pawpaw Paul who passed several years ago and my living Grandfather Jim Driscoll. I may not see eye to eye with family, but my elders are filled with knowledge and wisdom in which I can use to create success in my own life. 

More About B2 Creative Productions Inc:

B2 Creative Productions Inc. consists of a board of directors which seats three people: Zachary Renfro, President, Erik Benson, Vice President, and Secretary and Eriel Carino, Treasurer.

The committee consists of two volunteers in addition to the directors: Kyle Hall aka Samantha Scars and Mark Dassow. You can see them every last Tuesday of each month at #1 Fifth Ave. at their monthly themed art nights from 8 pm-Midnight (Events at #1 Fifth Ave. are 21+). And keep an eye out for their periodic events through the rest of Hillcrest.

They post all of our community events on Facebook HERE