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San Diego Pride loses its office mascot

San Diego Pride loses its office mascot.
Photo credit:
Fernando López - Facebook

It's a sad day inside the office of San Diego Pride.

Executive Director Fernando López broke the news on social media that their furry office mascot, Max, passed away on Thursday. 

Max was owned by Robert Leyh and Bill McClain. He made the Pride offices his second home according to Fernando who had a special relationship with the fur baby. 

"He was always the first one to greet me each morning as he knew I had puppy snacks in my desk," Fernando wrote on Facebook. "He was always such a calming and joyful spirit in the office, I can’t imagine Pride office life without him. He really was part of our family for years at Pride."

Max was famous for walking over to different members of the staff and napping by their feet especially if there was the promise of a yummy surprise.  

"I will miss him laying by my side, his puppy energy days, and even his grumpy old man puppy days," Fernando continued. "We’re all heartbroken in the office today, but we are so grateful for the time we had with Max. Our tender condolences to Bob & Bill as they and we remember and celebrate a wonderful life lived with such an incredible family member. We love you Max!"