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Social media not happy with Balboa Park Heritage Association image of Todd Gloria as a dog

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[UPDATE: April 30: Todd Gloria has responded to the image]

[UPDATE: As of April 30, both the photo and its text have been removed.]

Balboa Park Heritage Association (BPHA), led by David Lundin, made no apologies for a metaphoric meme they used over the weekend to show their stance on Assemblymember Todd Gloria's bid for San Diego Mayor.

They pointed out how he supports a controversial plan for Balboa Park proposed by philanthropist Irwin Jacobs. 

The photoshopped image since removed shows Gloria as a dog on a leash held by Jacobs. In front of Gloria is a food dish full of cash. 

BPHA captioned the image (still posted) with a laundry list of reasons why they don't support the former councilmember. 

"Todd Gloria still strongly supports the Jacobs Plan for Balboa Park. In a presentation on April 25,2019 he attacked Plan critics and stated as Mayor he would support the Jacobs Plan.

Gloria supports costly Paid Parking for every space in Our Park. We do not.

Gloria supports destruction of the historic beauty of the Cabrillo Bridge. We do not.

Gloria wants to cover Palm Canyon with freeway-like elevated roadway. We do not.

Gloria wants to be San Diego's Mayor."

They end the list saying Gloria would be bad for "Our Park" and "San Diego" with a quote from Mark Twain: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason."

This no-nonsense photo-message about how BPHA feels regarding Gloria has social media criticizing their tactics, many calling it inappropriate. 

"Gross" and "disgusting" were some of the comments in response to the picture after it was shared by some community members.

The photo was still up as of 8 am on April 28 with an additional statement by BPHA saying: 

"We are dleighted (sic) that this simple, 4-year old Image done by a wonderful volunteer has sparked renewed interest in Mr. Gloria's record viz a viz Balboa Park." It was removed when last checked at noon, perhaps at the behest of followers who reported it to Facebook. 

Supporters of the BPHA seemed unphased by the meme. 

"Hopefully the people will NOT be supporting Todd Gloria!!" wrote one. Another said, "Go Away Todd!"

We reached out to Todd Gloria's office for a statement and he said, “Mr. Lundin and I have an honest difference of opinion on an issue, but that doesn’t excuse his blatant inaccuracies and his use of offensive imagery.”