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The DJs at White Party 30 are hotter than the desert itself

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DJ Dan Slater

Everyone knows the desert in Palm Springs heats up every year at the White Party. This year is actually a milestone event as the White Party celebrates 30 years of dance and LGBT Pride. 

The festival's foundation is built on music and this year the DJs are some of the most beautiful, most talented ones to take the decks.

Get to know a little bit about them below and get your tickets today

DJ Blacklow (USA)


LA-based DJ Blacklow (Jeremy Blacklow) grew up inspired by house music of the '90s on the dance floors of New York City. In 2011, Blacklow finally listened to friends' advice and took his love of music to the next level, beginning to play bars, clubs & events throughout Southern California, before going on to become the successful remixer and producer that he is today. Blacklow's sound is a mixture of classic house, progressive house, tech house, and tribal house. He blends the old and the new together seamlessly to create an incredible dance floor journey on every outing. A standard Blacklow set includes a heavy dose of throwbacks and classics, mixed with the hottest new tracks drawn from a wide array of inspiration.

Oscar Velasquez (Mexico)


With more than two decades as a Disc Jockey and Producer, Oscar Velazquez (Mexico City), has been a Fundamental part not only in Mexico but World Gay Dance / Electronica music scene. During the past 8 years, his Music Productions has been played for the most renowned DJs around the world.

GSP (Greece)


GSP (alias George Spiliopoulos) is a London-based, International DJ/Producer, Promoter and club owner. He is also owner of the record label Queen House Music. GSP had been DJing in Greece for many years at the most important events and major clubs, until the winter of 2010 when he started exporting his talent in Europe. His main goal is to make people happy. GSP turned his passion into a profession and very successfully, neglecting his studies of Applied Mathematics and physics. His sound is mostly Tech and Progressive House with a touch of Tribal Percusions and lots of vocals. His style is recognisable and unique as he is famous for his productions and live mash ups combining today’s hits with high energy house sound with classic vocals you don’t expect.

Isis Muretech (Mexico)


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico's Isis Muretech is an aspiring and talented DJ Producer that has become famous for her unique style of music in the club scene. Currently she is one of the most demanded DJ Woman in Mexico and Latin America. Resident DJ at Babel Club which is the most important gay club in Mexico. She has traveled all over the country from North to South with her music. She is a multitalented person with a distinctive style and her charismatic personality enriches each event. With her powerful music energy in Tribal House, House and Techno, she leaves a memorable mark in every party.

Anne Louse (Brazil)


Anne Louise is a DJ and a lawyer, but she decided to drop the law and dedicate herself to music, where her love speaks louder. Always involved with music, she studied classical piano, joined a band, but electronic music was where she felt passion. Having gone through several strands of electronic music, Anne Louise has won not only respect, but also a legion of fans throughout Brazil and the world.

DJ Aron (Israel)


Israeli born Top International Producer, Remixer and Circuit Sensation, DJ Aron started his career over 10 years ago and has been headlining all over the world in Europe, Brazil, US, Canada, South America at the biggest parties that include MEAT PARTY, NYC; THE WEEK, XLSIOR, WE PARTY, FOREVER TEL AVIV, PAPA PARTY, MADRID PRIDE, PRISM, and ARENA FESTIVAL.

Nina Flowers (USA)


Jorge Flores, aka NINA FLOWERS, was born in the city of Bayamon Puerto Rico in 1974. He began his career in music in 1989 where he became a resident Dj at one of the most prestigious clubs in the Caribbean, Krash Klub Kafe. As a DJ/Producer he brings an infectious understanding of how to bring music alive on the dance floor. As a recording artist, he has collaborated with some of the most talented DJ's/Producers/Remixers within this new Era of music. Today Nina Flowers holds several Dj residencies in cities around the US, and he continues to captivate fans around the globe with his powerfully engaging connection to his audiences - a progressive sound filled with tribal beats. “The lights, the music, the stage, and the crowd – putting it all together – magic in the making” – DJ Nina Flowers

Dan Slater (Australia)


Dan Slater is an Australian DJ and Producer based in the United States. He draws from the progressive sounds of the European club scene, as well as the Latino fire of South America as he moves seamlessly between house, circuit, tech and deep house. He kicked off his DJ career as winner of the Sydney Mardi Gras DJ Spin-Off Competition. Since then he has gone onto sets and residencies at some of the biggest parties around the world including; Winter Party Festival (Miami), White Party Palm Springs, Matinee USA, XLSIOR Mykonos, WE Party (Madrid), Sunset TEA (Los Angeles), White Party Bangkok, FunHouse (Amsterdam), The Zoo Party (San Diego), Hydrate (Chicago), SEXY (Cologne), FFF (Tel Aviv), The Week Brazil, Jubileo (Mexico City), Bordello (Lausanne), The WOW (Taipei) Prism Festival (Toronto), Joining Hearts (Atlanta), Malevo (Buenos Aires), District (Montreal), Angel (Shanghai), PAPA Party, Stereosonic, Sydney Mardi Gras – the list goes on…

Kitty Glitter (Australia)


Originally from Sydney and after a 10 year award winning career as a drag queen showgirl, Kitty Glitter gracefully bowed out of her spotlight on stage and moved into the DJ booth in 2007. Since then, she has shined on dance floors not only in Australia and New Zealand but across in Asia, USA, Canada and Europe. Most loved for her unique blend of remixed pop and uplifting vocal house music, the crowds lick up every bit of sparkle she shines on them at every event she plays at. Whether is be a bar/club or circuit party, Kitty delivers in a flawless fashion.

Ben Bakson (Germany)


Ben was born and grew up in south Germany. His half German and half Slovenian roots are both clearly visible in his character being perfectionist, extremely well organized but on the other hand enjoying Life to the fullest. His Motto “You only live once” is not only a phrase for him, it is the Leitmotiv of his life.

He has been asked once to describe himself in 5 sentences, which for those who know him personally, absolutely nails the point:

"True FRIENDS are the foundation I am standing on; TRAVELLING is the air I am breathing; Hard TRAINING is my source of power; MUSIC is my key to think in new dimensions LOVE is my weakness, that makes me feel alive."

DJ Suri (Spain)


Dj Suri (born in Valencia, Spain in 1985) best known for hitting the top of the Spain charts with the 2012 single 'Looking For Love" (With Ivan Gomez and Markus db). With more than 80.000 youtube videoclip plays. Nowadays, Dj Suri is Dj Resident of 'Papa Party" and 'Papa Party World Tour" and in his hometown best gay club 'Deseo 54"

Dj Suri has a really personal style, he combines fresh and strong beats, with powerful melodies and epic vocals, lots of exclusive Mash-ups and live capella mixing make his sets a really awesome experience.



International DJ/Producer/Remixer and Grammy Award Nominee, half of the DJ Duo, “Rosabel” and Owner/DJ or “RESIST” Underground Parties. Born in Brooklyn,NY and raised in Miami DJ Abel Aguilera has always had a passion for house music. He isn’t new on the market, in fact he had his first pair of turntables and mixer at 15 years old and within a year was spinning high school parties, sweet 16’s and weddings. Just a couple of years later in the early 80’s into the 90’s he was spinning career defining Miami and NYC nightclubs including Club 1235, Sound Factory, Paragon, Salvation, Glam Slam, Club Space and Crobar and he also had a 5 year radio mix show on Miami Super Q FM 107. Abel’s profile among the dance community skyrocketed in March of 1992 with the opening of Paragon in Miami Beach. South Beach was the epicenter of the US nightlife scene and Abel reigned supreme as the club’s resident Saturday night DJ. Partiers reveled at Abel’s explosive blend of heavy tribal beats, diva anthems and retooled classics and with his new status, Abel enjoyed a plethora of headlining offers from clubs and events from around the world.

Dani Toro (Spain)


Born in Valencia, and based in Barcelona (Spain) and Milan (Italy) - Dani Toro is an artist that doesn’t fall under any labels, his music style is unique.

His sets are always strong and very energetic, which borderline between Tribal House and Progressive, and blends it well with Mainstream House, delighting the most demanding crowd.