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Straight women in gay bars? Drag and other artists respond

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If there was ever a question in your mind whether or not straight women visiting gay bars is frowned upon Michael Musto over at New Now Next wrote an article and got feedback from popular drag performers and artists about the subject. Their answers are overwhelmingly supportive.

Gay bars have long been considered safe spaces for the LGBT community so when straight people decide to enjoy them too, some question their motives.

Of those Musto asked, they seem to be okay with it but some of their answers carry a caveat. 

Here are just a few of the responses. You can head over HERE to read the full article. 

Boudoir LeFleur

“Straight girls should absolutely be welcome in our gay bars. But don’t get it twisted: Showtime is for the house entertainers/queens! Learn the protocol and don’t be a ‘Becky’!”

Bootsie Lefaris

“I think it is our job as entertainers to welcome anyone into our bars and performance spaces. I think straight girls get a bad rap, but I’ve had many encounters with rude gay men, as well. I don’t think it matters if you’re straight guy/girl/cis/bi/trans/+. Some people are just assholes.”

Mimi Imfurst

“I don’t think you get to fight for equality and then say say ‘No straights allowed.’ We should consider that maybe women feel free to be loud and crazy because for the first time perhaps they feel free from the same toxic masculinity that so many gay men have been bullied by our entire lives. I think the world is changing and there’s gonna be some growing pains with this. Maybe we can have some patience and realize that this is a generation of women that won’t raise their sons to be homophobic assholes. What a great world that will be.”

Ian Ford, DJ

“It’s fine when anybody shows up to have fun as part of what we’re doing, but it’s not cool when a group of girls comes in and expects to take over (what my friend calls ‘pussy control’) like they do at a straight club or bar. We gays lose a little something every time our safe spaces become smaller or less distinguishably ours. We went from being the place to hear new music to slaves of the Top 40 charts in just over a decade. I’d prefer that gay clubs be an extension of the gay community, not just a gay clone of pop culture. That having been said, gay clubs should be a place where anybody can come have fun and be themselves, as long as it doesn’t take away from everyone else’s party.”