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These restaurants are participating in "Taste of Hillcrest"

Taste of Hillcrest is on Saturday, April 13 from noon to 4 pm. 
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Fabulous Hillcrest

This weekend Hillcrest is transforming into a buffet of neighborhood flavors. Ticketholders for Taste of Hillcrest on Saturday, April 13, will enjoy the great San Diego weather and go on a self-guided tour of the community, meeting business owners, fellow San Diegans and sampling some of the best food the city has to offer. 

Whether it's something sweet, something savory or something to wet their whistles, everyone's going to come away with full hearts, stomachs, and spirits. 

Below is a list of participating locations. More vendors will be added up until the day of the event. 

Get your tickets HERE. Prices go up on the day of event. 


Baja Pizzeria 1412 University Ave. 

Goia's Room 3739 6th Ave. 

Candy Depot 3955 Fifth Ave.

Ad Libertum 1263 University Ave. 

Ortegas 141 University Ave. 

Tajima 3739 6th Ave. 

Freshii 1255 University Ave. 

Everbowl 1252 University Ave

Friendly Shoes  3609 4th Ave. 

AceHardware 1003 University Ave

Crest Cafe 425 Robinson Ave. 

Calypso 502 University Ave.

Fiesta Cantina 142 University Ave

Bo Beau 1027 University Ave

Amarin Thai 3843 Richmond Ave. 

Sirens 3797 Park Blvd

Mo's  308 University Ave. 

Baja Bettys 1421 University Ave. 

HBC 1458 University Ave. 

Gossip Grill 1220 University Ave. 

Fruit Craft  11469 University Ave

Common Stock 3805 Fifth Ave

Lestat’s 1041 University Ave

Natural Style Chicken 601 University Ave. 

Taste of Thai 527 University Ave. 

Edible Arrangements 141 University Ave. 

Roots Bowls 1225 University Ave. 

Vom Fass 1050 University Ave. 

Lotus Thai 3761 6th Ave. 

Taste of Hillcrest is on Saturday, April 13 from noon to 4 pm. 

They will be adding new businesses right up to the day of the event. Retail locations will be sampling beer.

Restaurants serve a variety of foods, including some who will be serving beer, wine, cold brew coffee, espresso and cocktails!

Click HERE to keep up-to-date on all the details of this event.