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Celebration of Life for John M. Danneker

John M. Danneker 1964 - 2017
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John M. Danneker passed away last year and his husband Michael Bekemeier is holding a Celebration of Life on Sunday, Dec 16, 2018.

Michael says the reason he wants to hold the event now is that he and John lived in San Diego until their retirement a few years ago.

"There was no obituary published when he died last year and I am finding out a number of our friends did not know about his passing," he said. 

Mr. Bekemeier says the event will include memories and tributes to John and at the conclusion, "his ashes will be released at sea near Point Loma."

"Basically, I just wanted to announce the celebration of his life and publish my information so people can contact me if they wish to participate."

For more details and/or to participate, please contact Michael Bekemeier, at (619) 297-3306 or at mbekemeier@mac.com

John M. Danneker 1964 - 2017