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Gay adult movie stars create voting PSA

Adult movie stars are appealing to your civic side in a PSA geared toward getting people out to vote. 

Some of the biggest names in the business both in front of and behind the camera took a little time to help out GayVN nominee Bruce Beckham by adding their faces and voices to his video encouraging participation in the midterm elections. 

Wrote  Beckham on Twitter: “If you can spend an hour on Pornhub, you can spend an hour driving to/from the polls and voting for candidates who GAF about ALL Americans: Gay, Str8, Bi, Trans, White, Black, Asian, Arabic, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, and everyone else who lives in this country of diversity. Vote.”

The minute-and-a-half social media post stars Jason Vario, Boomer Banks, Austin Wolf, Alex Mecum, and Max Konnor, each pleading with fans to make their marks on the ballot. “I need you,” says director Marc MacNamara, "to vote!" 

Beckham says that Election Day (Nov. 6) is actually his birthday, but the biggest gift he could receive is for everyone to show up at the polls. 

Chi Chi LaRue and Mr. Pam who are known for being behind the camera also showed up for the video

Click HERE to find a polling place near you in San Diego. 

You can watch the full PSA below.