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San Diego's biggest trans activists give statements on recent Trump memo

San Diego's trans activists will not be silent.

When an article was published by the New York Times over the weekend the LGBT community was initially in shock, but as usual, that shock turned to activism and they quickly mobilized in protest. 

The article titled "Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence" explained that the Department of Health and Human Services wished to abbreviate gender definitions to only include only what is written on birth certificates and implies that any challenges to that rule would require genetic testing. 

The San Diego community was quick to show it's solidarity with trans men and women, raising the transgender pride flag above Hillcrest to fly throughout the weekend. San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to some of the most vocal and influential activists in the community for statements. 

People such as Connor Maddocks, Meredith Vezina, and Kathie Moehlig responded with exclusive statements about this development. Nicole Murray Ramirez also lent his voice to the cause with a special statement about the #WontBeErased movement.

Connor Maddocks: When I read the news about what the man in the big white house just did, I became so angry I couldn’t even look at my Facebook or any other source of news. I am outraged that he thinks by changing some kind of rule or law that he can just make us disappear.

If that’s what he thinks, he has a big surprise coming. I stand with all my community and those who support us against anyone who would marginalize us even more. YOU cannot get rid of us Mr. 45. We are Strong, Relentless, Passionate people who will not bend to you. We resist so we can continue to fight your tyranny. Rise up my siblings, the fight is on. First step is to vote, everyone needs to vote this year. No excuses."

Connor Maddocks

Longtime trans community activist

Meredith Vezina: Trump couldn't care less about the trans community. But Trump does understand that his Evangelical base is obsessed with pushing trans people out of public life. Trump is using trans people as a pawn to fire up his religious base to vote. I want everyone to know I am a real person who has lived in San Diego since the mid-1970s.

I transitioned more than forty years ago. I'm married. I pay taxes. I'm a homeowner. I started a business 25 years ago that focuses on validating the lives of veterans who served in Vietnam. I was the first paid director of the Greater San Diego Business Association. I was there when Lambda Archives started. I organized events back in the 1980s to support people living with HIV. I marched in support of my LGBQ siblings. I will not let my life in San Diego be erased. I am a transgender American who loves her LGBTQ community and her country too much to be silent.

Meredith Vezina

Owner at Transnarratives.org

Manages Trans NarrativesREACH and Repeal & Replace

Kathie Moehlig: This latest attack by the countries leadership on transgender folks is much more threatening than others. Taking away all protections. As the parent of a trans teen and a professional that works with other families of trans youth, I am scared. But I am also empowered and inspired.

The love, support, and energy of so many trans/ non-binary people, their families and friends all standing together to fight this. It gives me hope. If you are not already educated on your trans community members, get educated. Stand with them. Stand with us as allies. “When they come for one of us they come for all of us” has never been truer. 

Kathie Moehlig

Executive Director

TransFamily Support Services

Nicole Murray Ramirez: We stand in solidarity with our Trans brothers and sisters and are ready to fight this current administration in their attempt to erase our transgender community! An attack on one of us is an attack on us all!

We will not sit by and allow this injustice to happen to anyone. This should be a call to action for everyone in the LGBTQ community!

Please show your solidarity for our Trans brother and sisters by using the hashtag #WONTBEERASED. Never has it been so critical that we show a united front against those who would attack our brother and sisters!

Nicole Murray Ramirez

San Diego City Commissioner 

National Chair GLBT Civil Rights Network