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Thomas Cook Airlines’ interactive "Love Map" honors LGBT Pride Month

Doug Armstrong flies across the pond to experience San Diego r for the first time.
Photo credit:
Doug Armstrong - YouTube

In honor of LGBT+ History Month, Thomas Cook Airlines conducted some research over the summer and created an interactive love map based on their findings. One of the latest additions to the timeline is India's recent decriminalizing of homosexuality

The expansive map includes over 1000 milestones in Pride history from over 100 countries, events that advanced the community forward since the Stonewall riots of 1969.

Moments of legislation change in the map include:

Following the Stonewall Riots in 1969, Austria, Costa Rica and Finland were the first to introduce LGBT positive legislation, in the form of decriminalizing homosexuality

First legislation change in the USA following the Stonewall Riots was the decriminalization of homosexuality in California in 1975

The first legislation change in the UK following the Stonewall Riots was the decriminalization of homosexuality in Scotland in 1980

And some trends they uncovered in our research include:

Judging by the prevalence of legislation changes in noughties America, it seems as though movements spurs legislation change, rather than the other way around, in the USA. 

The 90s was the most active decade for legislature change, by far

Two landmark moments precede legislation change in the USA; removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973, and the first openly gay American in public office (in Michigan in 1974)

To see how accurate this research was, Thomas Cook Airlines also sent LGBT+ YouTube star Doug Armstrong to the USA to experience San Diego Pride for the first time. 

“San Diego Pride itself was the best part of the trip," said Armstrong. "I was a little bit nervous about attending alone, but within seconds of getting out of my cab a friendly drag queen came over, made conversation, and filled me in with everything I needed to know. I quickly made friends throughout the weekend too. The atmosphere of the parade was electric and although it stretched for miles, it was a lot more intimate than other pride events I’d been to. Anyone is free to walk in the parade, and there was a real sense of community and friendliness that made me feel at home."

To view the entire map click HERE.