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Facebook adds Coming Out as “Major Life Event” for National Coming Out Day

You can now add your coming out story to your Facebook profile page with new option.
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Back in June of last year, Facebook added a rainbow flag icon to their emoji toolbar for Pride month. That was curiously absent this year even though the LGBT community rallied to make it a permanent fixture. 

But the social media giant isn't throwing out the rainbow flag altogether and are giving people the option to tell their coming out stories via the "Major Life Event" profile page. 

The company added the choice on Wednesday ahead of National Coming Out Day which is celebrated on Oct. 11.

“For the LGBTQ community, Facebook is a way for you to come out, celebrate your pride and find support,” Tudor Havriliuc, a vice president at Facebook, told NBC News via email. “Visibility is so important because it changes hearts and minds about being LGBTQ when friends and family see us living our true lives.”

Accessing the feature is easy, just click on the “Life Event” button choose “Family & Relationships” and then "Came Out." 

“We're excited to give more people the opportunity to ‘come out’ on Facebook,” Havriliuc said. “For National Coming Out Day, we hope people will share their coming out story and use the hashtag #ComingOutToShare to follow along with the wider community.”