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The unique fashions of Oseas Villatoro at Porto Vista Hotel

Oseas Villatoro's "The Galaxy Within Me" collection show is on Friday, September 28 at the Porto Vita Hotel.
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Oseas Villatoro

You'll want to head over to the Porto Vista Hotel for two reasons on Friday, September 28.

First, the hotel will host a fashion show by designer Oseas Villatoro, featuring his men's underwear line and other items in "The Galaxy Within Me" collection.

Oseas is a women's and men's ready-to-wear designer who combines different fabrics with unique patterns to create young, chic, and edgy designs.

“Fashion will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind. Born to struggle between wisdom and madness between dream and reality in our edgy mind," the dad and husband says.

He says he gets a lot of inspiration from his El Salvador and Guatemala roots. 

Second, you'll get to see this special show when you attend the weekly SDPIX Top of the Bay Event. This is San Diego's original LGBT social hour which features great music, great people and great bay views.

To celebrate "The Galaxy Within Me" collection the hotel is offering a drink special called "pants on the ground" for only $5.

You'll want to get there at 6 pm for the social hour, the show will start at 7 pm.

The Porto Vista Hotel is near everything the city has to offer, it sits in the heart of Little Italy making the tagline ”America’s Finest City" even more appropriate. 

There is also a free shuttle which allows you to visit some of the hottest places in Hillcrest.  

The shuttle schedule is as follows (times are approximate, please allow a 5-10 minute variance in case of traffic)

Leave Porto Vista Hotel at 5 pm to Caliph – Arrive 5:10

Leave from Caliph at 5:10 pm to The Loft – Arrive 5:15

Leave from The Loft at 5:15 pm to Rich’s – Arrive 5:20

Leave from Rich’s at 5:20 pm to Mo’s – Arrive 5:25

Leave from Mo’s at 5:25 to Porto Vista Hotel – Arrive 5:35

This schedule will be repeated until 10 pm.

SDPIX Top of the Bay Event is every Friday at 6 pm. 

Oseas Villatoro's "The Galaxy Within Me" collection show is on Friday, September 28 at the Porto Vista Hotel at 7 pm. 

The Porto Vista Hotel is located at 1835 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92101