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Handwritten letter to neighbor by trans boy inspires them both

Trans neighbor inspires boy who lives in an unsupportive household.
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A transgender teen looked to his neighbor for inspiration after she made the trans flag a permanent part of her curb appeal at her Salt Lake City home. 

Audrey, a trans woman, flies the flag and it got noticed by a young neighbor she has never met. 

Approximately a week ago Audrey received a message of gratitude on notebook paper and she posted a picture of it to Reddit, “I hear you young man and I hope you keep your chin up!” Audrey wrote. 

Here's what the letter said:

I am a 15-year-old trans boy living in an unsupportive household, but every time I see your flag, I feel better.

I appreciate your existence and pride. THANK YOU

P.S. My handwriting is so bad! I’m sorry!

Speaking with Pink News Audrey said the inspiration was mutual. 

“I felt crushed that this teenager isn’t getting the support that they deserve, but I also felt truly inspired by them," she said. “It must have taken a lot of courage to write the note and drop it off on a stranger’s doorstep.”

She also says that the support of her friends and family was crucial to her experience. 

“It breaks my heart to see kids like him have to struggle with an unsupportive family, because having your family on your side makes a world of difference.”

*photo by Audrey via Reddit.