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YouTube personality says he was sexually assaulted at UK Bear event

“Don’t f***ing touch me. Don’t ever f***ing touch me, unless I invite you to."
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Editor's Note: The person who is the subject of this story has been receiving death threats and harassing messages. Therefore we have removed his name from this story and he has already removed the video from YouTube.

A usually jovial host who posts videos through his channel on YouTube got serious in his latest upload on Wednesday in one of his latest videos titled "I was sexually assaulted at Stiges Gay Bear Week."

The Austrailian said he has been holding on to his experience for almost a year after he went to the annual festival which takes place in Spain.

According to a U.K. LGBT publication, the host says he was sexually assaulted at the event which left him feeling "humiliated." 

The Stiges Bear Week website describes the event as "one of the biggest and most popular Bear festivals in Europe attracting more than 5,000 visitors, bears, admirers, chasers, muscle bears and more. The 'Bear Village' may be on the paseo, but the bears are everywhere – Sitges is transformed into a bear heaven for 12+ days."

The host said he went with two friends in 2017 and in a busy alleyway on the first night they begin to converse with another group of men. "It started to feel a little confronting being in a circle of five to six people who I felt like who were really staring me down and oogling me..."

He says the conversation began to focus on what kind of underwear he was wearing and one man allegedly grabbed his "bum," without his permission, but that didn't set off any alarms because he says in a gay setting those types of things happen all the time,"perhaps I put out the vibe that this is something that I wanted from this particular guy in the group...it really didn't register high on my warning scale."

The situation worsened when another stranger, in front of "hundreds" of people pulled down his pants who wasn't wearing underwear at the time. Since he was holding a drink and his wallet there was nothing he could do, so he called out to his friend for help. 

He explains while this was all happening another guy gave him another pinch on the "bare cheek, "which he says was “totally f***ing uncalled for, especially after my reaction.”

He continues to say that the "nail in the coffin" was when, “Another guy on the other side of me, f**k, he just put his hands on me in a place I didn’t want to be touched, and in a way that was totally uncalled for, in no way was there any, any slither of consent. Especially when I am in that situation raging, screaming, and yelling: ‘Pull my pants up.'”

He says he eventually pulled his pants up, ran away and called his boyfriend and began to blame himself for being flirtatious and that he invited that sort of behavior in some way. "I felt like I put that sort of message out there that the type of behavior that I wanted to receive, and that is not how it works, that is not the world of consent and that is not the world of sex."

He spoke to Pink News about the experience. He says he “felt incredibly humiliated” after the alleged incident. “There were so many people around and it was quite confronting,” he said. “Afterwards I just blamed myself and felt disgusted and ashamed. I literally broke down and hysterically sobbed to my boyfriend on the phone straight after. It was scary.”

Organizers at Sitges Bear Week have not responded to either the host's or Pink News after the story came out. 

“It’s taught me a lot about consent and how we should respect the personal space of others, especially in an environment like that," he says. “But I have lost confidence in befriending other gay [men] because I’m terrified it’ll happen again.”

The host's humiliation turned into rage, and near the end of the video (now removed), he has some advice for people.

“Don’t f***ing touch me. Don’t ever f***ing touch me, unless I invite you to,” he said. “Don’t ever touch anyone, unless they invite you to. Even when they invite you to, ask them again to make sure because consent is the most f***ing important thing."