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Moms answer some fun & difficult questions about having a gay son

Photo credit:
Matthew J. Dempsey - YouTube

Los Angeles based Matthew J. Dempsey had an interesting idea in that he wanted to bring his gay male friends and their mothers together for a mixer which included asking mom questions about what it was like to have a gay son. They all met up at STK in Los Angeles for this special day of one on ones, where the questions ranged from fun, to serious to awkward. 

Dempsey explains that mothers often have a special bond that ties directly to their gay sons and the strength of that attachment is often reinforced by a variety of things. 

"For many of us, our moms were the first ones who let us open up emotionally, trusted our fashion advice, laughed in support when we broke in their new heels at home, and invited us to gab at the dessert table with their girlfriends," Dempsey writes in the video description. "Our moms gave us license to set down the pretense of how a 'real boy' was supposed to be and allowed us to just be ourselves."

He explains that even though mothers can have the most open minds, they also have some real concerns as their queer kids transition into adulthood.

"In this video, my friends and I sit down with our mothers (whom we all flew in for a special weekend celebrating the fierce love they’ve shown us) to ask them what it was like raising gay sons and how they think things turned out," Dempsey writes.

Luckily the mothers in this video seem understanding and open to their sons, and you can watch how the day went below and perhaps reflect on your own relationship with your mother or the parental figure who encouraged you to believe that "love is love."