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Missing elderly Hillcrest man found, returned home safely

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Wikimedia Commons

An 87-year-old Hillcrest resident is safely back at home after being reported missing on Monday.

The San Diego Police department issued an alert on Monday asking for the public’s help in finding Alfred “Al” Carver who suffers from Alzheimer’s and was last seen at about 3 pm in Hillcrest.

Initially, the missing person poster (left) contained a typographical error saying Carver went missing on Aug. 8.

People responding to the report on Nextdoor questioned the date thinking that it may have been a prank.

The police department updated the report at about 1:30 am Tuesday morning saying that he had been found was at home.

On Nextdoor app user responded to the news saying he may have seen Carver near his house in Pacific Beach although police did not state where he was found in the update. 

“I saw this randomly and spotted him near my house on Jewell st in pb," wrote Frank D on Nextdoor. "I spoke to the police at 10 pm [Monday] about what I saw and they dispatched a unit. I can’t know for sure but I have to imagine that who ever posted this on this site helped save this man. I would have never thought this man was in trouble I thought he was drunk.”