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The group that cleans up the streets after Pride

The clean up crew for after San Diego Pride.
Photo credit:
Benny Cartwright

If you saw an exhausted but enthusiastic person picking up garbage around Hillcrest today, hopefully, you acknowledged them or said: "Thank you." These are the volunteers who despite partaking in the weekend festivities themselves got up early Monday morning to walk the neighborhood armed with rubber gloves and garbage bags to pick up after thousands of people.

Preliminary numbers are already showing that San Diego Pride 2018 was a record-breaker, over 300,000 people in attendance, and that was just for official Pride activities such as the Music Festival and parade. There were other events going on all weekend such as Pride of Hillcrest Block Party and numerous club functions that brought people from all over the world into Hillcrest and its streets. 

The Hillcrest Town Council's (HTC) Post Pride Neighborhood Clean Up is a group of volunteers which contains people who themselves reveled in San Diego Pride but committed to service once the party was over. 

The byproducts of Pride include cigarette butts, plastic cups, confetti, food materials and other discarded waste which litter the historic streets each year. 

They checked in at Pardon My French that provided breakfast and then were separated into teams, each assigned a part of the community. They then met back at Urban Mo's which provided them with a cocktail and lunch. This afternoon get-together is also the place for the volunteers to "trash talk," or remark on the things they found along their route or just comment on Pride altogether. 

The HTC Facebook event page had 24 volunteers who checked-in, so if you see one of them this week, show them your gratitude.

Those that were marked as "went" are: 

Eddie Reynoso, Rick Cervantes, Benny Cartwright, Aida Ashouri, Peter Kintero, Heather Krcha, JP Freedom, Toni Duran, Amber Musgrove, Willow Winters, Tyler Renner, Luke Terpstra, Jae Red Rose, Steph Torres, Katie Yago, Marianne Mackenberg, Rick Van Ivkovich, Heidi Callahan, Crystal Cornejo Carreon, Eric Fillion, Jen Lebron, Zach Bunshaft, Alex Ordoubegian, and William Pontius.