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Your San Diego FilmOut LGBT Film Festival guide 2018

The festival has world, U.S., west coast, California, and San Diego premiere screenings.
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Opening night film -- "Ideal Home"

FilmOut San Diego’s 20th Annual LGBT Film Festival will take place from June 7–10, 2018. Forty-five films will be screened during the four-day film festival at the historic Observatory North Park Theatre in San Diego.

The festival has world, U.S., west coast, California, and San Diego premiere screenings, and features award-winning films from the Sundance, SXSW and Berlin Film Festivals, along with independent features and a variety of short films. Q&A’s will follow many films with director and cast members in attendance.

The Opening Night Film and Party will take place on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 7 pm, and our Closing Night Film will end the festival on Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 7 pm with the Closing Night Party after the film.

Here is your film FilmOut San Diego’s 20th Annual LGBT Film Festival guide:

Thursday, June 7

Ideal Home

Opening Night Film 7 pm

Year: 2017 | Country: USA | Run Time: 91 min | Director: Andrew Fleming 

Our 20th Anniversary Opening Night kicks off with Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd in a delightful rom-com with sardonic wit! They co-star as Erasmus and Paul, a bickering gay couple whose life is turned inside out when a ten-year old boy shows up at their door claiming to be Erasmus' grandson. Neither Paul, nor Erasmus, are ready to give up their extravagant lifestyles to be parents, but maybe this little kid has a thing or two to teach them about the value of family. With Jack Gore, Alison Pill and Jake McDoran.


Turn It Around (2017) - Netherlands (West Coast Premiere)

Run Time: 9 min | Director: Niels Bourgonje

When fifteen-year-old Bram meets Florian at a house party, he immediately falls for him. There's only one problem…nobody knows Bram is gay.

Femme (2017) - USA (West Coast Premiere)

Run Time: 17 min | Director: Alden Peters

After being shamed by an online hookup for being too femme, Carson must confront his own notions of masculinity and gender roles within the LGBTQ community.

Friday, June 8

Al Berto 

(West Coast Premiere) 1 pm

Year: 2017 | Country: Portugal | Run Time: 109 min | Director: Vicente Alves do Ó

It's the summer of '75 in Sines, Portugal. Al Berto (Ricardo Teixeira), the writer, embodies an entire moving generation. He and his friends exude youth, eccentricity and hope for the future - but right after the fall of Portugal's dictatorship system, the country is not yet ready for his love story. With Jose Pimentao, Raquel Rocha Vieira, Jose LeiteJoao Villas-Boas.


(West Coast Premiere) 3:15 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: Switzerland | Run Time: 119 min | Director: Marcel Gisler

Mario (Max Hubacher) has fallen in love with new team member Leon (Aaron Altaras), who could pose a threat to Mario’s chances of advancing his soccer career. Before long, their relationship is discovered by their team members and rumors begin to spread beyond the locker room. Mario realizes he must make a decision. Does he risk his fame as a soccer star or lose the only man he’s truly loved?

To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v Windsor

(West Coast Premiere) 5:30 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 63 min | Director: Donna Zaccaro

To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v Windsor tells a story of love, marriage and a fight for equality. The documentary chronicles unlikely heroes – octogenarian Edie Windsor and her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, on their quest for justice. Beyond the story of what became the pivotal case in the marriage equality movement and the compelling personal, legal and political stories behind it, the film also chronicles our continued journey as a people, as a culture, and as citizens with the promise of equal rights.


For A Change (2017) - Israel

Run Time: 4 min | Director: Keren Nir

Ofer is a transgender man struggling with his developing body and discovering feminine attributes while searching for self-acceptance.

Golden Boy

(West Coast Premiere) 7 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 105 min | Director: Stoney Westmoreland

James (Mark Elias) is a man who gambles on the dangers of being seen versus the quiet life of desperation & invisibility. Saved by CQ (Lex Medlin), a wealthy businessman with more going on than meets the eye, and introduced to a world he's not ready to navigate. James chases his dreams -- while losing himself, one piece at a time. Trust. Seduction. Betrayal. Redemption. With Logan Fahey, Paul Culos & Kimberly Westbrook.


Night Shift (2017) - USA (World Premiere)Run Time: 13 min | Director: Chris Phillips

After a chance meeting years later, two men reignite an incendiary relationship forged by their mysterious shared past.

Devil's Path 

(World Premiere) 9:30 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 86 min | Director: Matthew Montgomery 

Director Matthew Montgomery returns to FilmOut with a dramatic thriller in his feature directorial debut. Two men (Stephen Twardokus and JD Scalzo) encounter each other on a wooded trail in a dangerous gay cruising park where they find themselves caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. With Steve Callahan.


Fish Tank (2017) - USA (West Coast Premiere)

Run Time: 6 min | Director: Neal Mulani

When a college student goes to his first hook-up with a mysterious older man, he must determine if his anxieties point to a darker truth about his host for the night.

Hookup (2017) - USA(West Coast Premiere)Run Time: 10 min | Director: Stan Madray

Adam is looking for love in all the quick places.

Saturday, June 9

Best of LGBT Shorts - Volume 1

(Sponsored by SDPIX and San Diego Gay and Lesbian News)

Lions in Waiting (2017) - Canada Run Time: 17 min | Director: Jason Karman

Ray, the newest hockey team member, fights to have ice-time after being hazed and finds the courage to be comfortable in his own skin.

Marguerite (2017) - Canada (California Premiere)Run Time: 19 min | Director: Marianne Farley

An elderly lady and her nurse develop a friendship that will push her to dig-up unconfessed desires and passions forcing her to make peace with her past.

The Jealous Sea (2018) - USA Run Time: 13 min | Director: Reid Waterer

When Carlos discovers pictures of a nude male model taken by his photographer boyfriend, he becomes engulfed in jealousy.

The Quiet Room (2018) - USA Run Time: 27 min | Director: Sam Wineman

When Michael’s attempt at suicide awakens a psych-ward demon, he must stop her before she kills everyone in the hospital he connects with.

Foxy Trot (2017) - USA Run Time: 15 min | Director: Lisa Donato

A married lesbian couple take ballroom dance lessons in a heteronormative class.

Beard (2017) - USA West Coast PremiereRun Time: 18 min | Director: Christopher Crompton

Gabe forces his best friend Chrissy to masquerade as his fake girlfriend to hide his sexuality from his peers.

Be More Popcorn (2017) - Italy West Coast PremiereRun Time: 7 min | Director: Sara Corbioli

Be More Popcorn focuses on the awkward situations of Riley and her friends.

Say Yes

(World Premiere) 1:15 pm 

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 96 min | Director: Stewart Wade

Stewart Wade (Such Good People, Tru Loved) returns to FilmOut with his brand new drama! A young woman (Leah McKendrick)diagnosed with cancer tries to play matchmaker between her soon-to-be-widowed husband (Patrick Zeller) and her bisexual twin brother (Matt Pascua). The conflict/resolve with terminal illness, mortality, compassion and sexual fluidity are all touched upon in this poignant and heartfelt film. With Shari Belafonte, Alberto Manquero, Stefanie Estes & Alexandra Paul.


Morning After (2017) - Canada Run Time: 15 min | Director: Patricia Chica

After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts within himself that lead to a powerful awakening.

Wild Nights with Emily

(West Coast Premiere) 3:30 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 84 min | Director: Madeleine Olnek

Molly Shannon plays Emily Dickinson in the cleverly witty dramedy 'Wild Nights with Emily." The poet’s persona, popularized since her death, became that of a reclusive spinster – a delicate wallflower, too sensitive for this world. This film explores her vivacious, irreverent side that was covered up for years — most notably Emily’s lifelong romantic relationship with another woman (Susan Ziegler). After Emily died, a rivalry emerged when her brother's mistress (Amy Seimetz) along with editor T.W. Higginson (Brett Gelman) published a book of her now infamous poems.


Fishy (2017) - USA Run Time: 6 min | Director: Joseph Sulsenti

A man stranded in the middle of the ocean is saved in more ways than one by a mystical sea creature.

The Fabulous Allan Carr 5:30 pm

Year: 2017 | Country: USA | Run Time: 90 min | Director: Jeffrey Schwarz

Armed with a limitless Rolodex and a Benedict Canyon enclave with its own disco, this documentary shows how Allan Carr threw the Hollywood parties that defined the 1970s. A producer, manager, and marketing genius, Carr built his bombastic reputation amid a series of successes including the mega hit musical film GREASE and the Broadway sensation LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, (and then Can’t Stop The Music, Grease 2 and Where The Boys Are ’84) until it all came crashing down after he produced the notorious debacle of the 1989 Academy Awards. Interviewees include: Patricia Birch, Maxwell Caulfield, Steve Guttenberg, Nikki Haskell, Randy Jones, Randal Kleiser, Sherry Lansing, Lorna Luft, Michael Musto, Robert Osborne, Brett Ratner, Connie Stevens, Alana Stewart, Marlo Thomas & Bruce Vilanch.


The Night Cleaner (2016) - Canada Run Time: 5 min | Director: Blair Fukumura

As the night cleaner in a busy gay bathhouse, Travis has his work cut out for him as he takes us on an amusing tour through his nightly routine.

Still Waiting in the Wings 7:30 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 109 min | Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Still Waiting In The Wings follows the trials and triumphs of of actors waiting tables in Times Square. While dreaming of the Broadway stage, the reality of slinging hash under florescent lights mixes sweet aspirations with bitter drama. There's no people like show people and there's no telling what can happen when they're pitted against each other. Nick Adams, Ed Asner, Carole Cook, Lee Meriwether, Patricia Richardson, Chita Rivera, Seth Rudetsky, Sally Struthers, Bruce Vilanch, and Cindy Williams round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.


Luber (2017) - USA Run Time: 10 min | Director: Jeff Sumner

A single, awkward businessman finds himself attracted to his hunky, rideshare driver but must fight for a chance with him when they pick up an annoying passenger who wants the driver for himself.


(West Coast Premiere) 9:45 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: Canada/Germany | Run Time: 81 min | Director: Drew Lint

Matthew (Antoine Lahaie) is a young Canadian new to Berlin. He's come to make a fresh start, but he feels the isolation of living in a strange, new city. When he meets Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher) he is entranced. Beautiful and charismatic, Matthias is everything Matthew wants to be. Soon Matthew's interest escalates, becoming an obsession. He begins to transform himself to embody the object of his desire, cutting his hair, getting new clothes. When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, the opportunity is too perfect. Matthew is Matthias. In a coma in the hospital, Matthias' waking life, dreams and memories blur. Where the real ends, the artificial begins.


Sunday, June, 10

Best of LGBT Shorts - Volume 2 (11 am)

A Stranger To Myself (2018) - Germany (U.S. Premiere)Run Time: 12 min | Director: Jannik Gensler

A young guy hopes to fill his inner emptiness by having sex with strangers.

A Boy Named Skye (2017) - USA Run Time: 5 min | Director: Jimmy Elinski

Through the world of online dating, Skye tries to find a relationship. Downhearted by his failed attempts at love, he might find what he’s looking for when he least expects it.

Softcore (2017) - Canada (West Coast Premiere)Run Time: 7 min | Director: Varun Saranga

Lila and Ashleigh are two bridesmaids who meet and are irrevocably changed through a humorous discussion about love, sexuality and lost relationships.

Meet Up (2017) - USA Run Time: 25 min | Director: Mark Abramowitz

With the promise of weed and a good time, an emotionally starved gay man decides to give an enigmatic stranger a ride home, completely unaware how the night will unfold.

Spark (2017) - USA Run Time: 6 min | Director: Aharonit Elior

A girl finds someone to spark her flame.

No More We (2018) - Sweden (West Coast Premiere)Run Time: 14 min | Director: David Färdmar

One morning it’s all over. “There’s No More We”, says Hampus ice cold to his fiancé Adrian. For Hampus it’s a total relief to break up from their destructive relationship, for Adrian it’s devastating.

Tristan (2017) - Belgium (West Coast Premiere)Run Time: 7 min | Directors: Sonam Larcin & Gaspard Granier

Recently, Tristan and his husband had a little girl together. But when he arrives to the nursery, he realizes that not everyone sees his paternity the way he does.

Something About Alex (2017) - Netherlands Run Time: 18 min | Director: Reinout Hellenthal

A teenager struggling with his gender attempts to reconcile with his identity.

San Diego's Gay Bar History 

(World Premiere) 1:15 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 56 min | Director: Paul Detwiler

Since WWII, no less than 135 gay bars have operated in San Diego and provided sanctuary for LGBTQ+ people to discover themselves and form community.

These institutions have played an integral role in creating spaces for building friendships and fostering activism, as well as serving as spaces for both grieving and celebration. San Diego’s Gay Bar History examines the roles bars have played across three major time periods: after WWII until the birth of the modern gay rights movement in 1969; during the 1970’s and until the onset of HIV in 1981; during the AIDS epidemic (1981–1995), and beyond. Through archival photographs, historic footage, and interviews with bar owners, bartenders and prominent community members, the documentary provides a glimpse into the rich history of San Diego’s gay history and culture.


Deviant (2017) - USA

(Local San Diego Filmmaker)Run Time: 10 min | Director: Benjamin Howard

In the early sixties, a sexually conflicted teenager finds faith and acceptance after escaping the tortures of electrotherapeutic conversion therapy.

Saltwater Baptism (2017) - USA

(Local San Diego Filmmaker)Run Time: 17 min | Directors: Russell Sheaffer & Jared Callahan

Santiago is one week away from becoming the first college graduate in his family. For Santi, graduation is both an achievement and a relief; his conservative university has lifestyle bylaws, meaning that he has to hide his sexuality for fear of expulsion. (This documentary is a New York TimesOp-Doc and ran in September 2017).

Freelancers Anonymous

(West Coast Premiere) 3:15 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 81 min | Director: Sonia Sebastian

Rushing to get to her pointless job every morning sucks, and Billie (Lisa Cordileone) is not putting up with it anymore. After telling everyone to f*ck off, she unfortunately has to break the news to her fiancée (Natasha Negovanlis). When she meets a ragtag group of women who are also looking for employment, Billie is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app, by designing a prototype for an investor launch party. Billie takes the risk of her life, lying to her fiancée in order to buy time until her plan for Freelancers Anonymous can come to fruition. When the wedding and the launch party are booked for the same day, it all comes to a head. With Alexandra Billings, Megan Cavanagh, Grace Rex, Amy Shiels, Haviland Stillwell, Jamison Scala, Jennie McNulty, Cassandra Blair, Jennifer Bartels, Mouzam Makkar.


Gabber Lover (2017) - France

Run Time: 13 min | Director: Anna Cazenave Cambet

Laurie and Mila, both 13, dance to Gabber music on the shores of a remote lake. Mila is in love with Laurie and she wants to tell her.

Every Act of Life

(West Coast Premiere) 5:15 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 90 min | Director: Jeff Kaufman

The story of the groundbreaking life and work of four-time Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally: a personal journey through five decades of the American theatre, the struggle for LGBT rights, triumph over addiction, the power of the arts to shape society…and finding love and inspiration at all ages. At 78, Terrence is one of the world’s most renowned, risk-taking playwrights, but he wakes up every day with the spirit of an ambitious and romantic young man. It’s that attitude, mixed with a quiet courage that makes him one of the best American playwrights. Interviewees include: F. Murray Abraham, Christine Baranski, Zoe Caldwell, Tyne Daly, Edie Falco, John Glover, John Benjamin Hickey, Larry Kramer, Nathan Lane, Angela Lansbury, Joe Mantello, Marin Mazzie, Audra McDonald, Rita Moreno, Jack O’Brien, Billy Porter, Chita Rivera, Doris Roberts, Richard Thomas, Stanley Tucci, and Patrick Wilson, plus the voices of Bryan Cranston and Meryl Streep!


Expiration Date (2017) - USA

(West Coast Premiere)

Run Time: 5 min | Director: Shwenn Shunya Chang

A poetic story about searching for an unexpired romance, a mélange of sexy fantasy and innocent love.


(Southern California Exclusive San Diego Premiere) 7:25 pm

Year: 2018 | Country: USA | Run Time: 97 min | Director: Timothy McNeil

Early Landry (John Carroll Lynch) is a kind and decent man. Grief-stricken over the recent death of his wife, Early moves from Mississippi to Los Angeles and into a run-down Hollywood apartment. He is loved by all his neighbors, especially transsexual neighbor Freda (Matt Bomer). The simplicity of their shared loneliness and growing affection must be reconciled with the complexity of their disparate backgrounds. As non-judgmental as its southern protagonist, Anything is a deceptively quiet love story and an all too timely parable on the pressing need to bridge barriers and find common ground. With Maura Tierney.


Mrs. McCutcheon (2017) - Australia Run Time: 17 min | Director: John Sheedy

Having always felt he was born in the wrong body, 10-year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs. McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth. Now at his third school he is having trouble settling in and finding acceptance with his peers.