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Lips and Mother's Day are a San Diego tradition

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Lips San Diego has become a popular spot for all types of celebrations. For nearly 19 years they’ve hosted special events from birthdays to bachelorette parties; the iconic neon sign lighting up the night on historic El Cajon Boulevard from inside and out.

One of the most popular events at Lips is the Drag Brunch. Historians have talked about these special Sunday events and how important they are to American culture, they expose people to an entertainment show they might not otherwise experience.

“[People] are able to sit at drag brunch and have a lovely spinach frittata and Bloody Mary while learning this lesson through observation. They start to understand that gender and drag aren't these scary things,” said drag historian Joe E. Jeffreys in an interview for Food and Wine Magazine. “It’s fun and festive like brunch can be.”

Its one thing for the community to go out on the weekends to party it up in gay clubs or see a drag show on their own among friends, but to treat your family to an afternoon of gender illusionists who lip-sync to popular music during brunch is almost a rite of passage.

Who doesn’t remember their first drag show? Mother’s Day is probably the most popular holiday in which people like to introduce their maternal figures to food, drink, and drag. 

In 1999, Lips debuted at is original Fifth Avenue location. Owner and founder Yvonne Lame along with performer Tootie would eventually take over its current location. Thus creating a place of unique entertainment that continues to razzle-dazzle.  

With this Sunday being Mother’s Day, Lips is gearing up for a very busy weekend.

The popular Sunday Gospel Brunch is likely to sell out quickly if it hasn’t already which shows you how popular the gathering is. Sons and daughters will be spending quality time with mom over unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas or Champagne with a special treat for mom.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to catch brunch, don’t fret there is always supper. Lips is also celebrating mom with a special Sunday Dinner.

This show is an homage to the Big Apple with Broadway music and showtunes.

Mother's Day Dragalicious Brunch is on Sunday, May 13, 2018 11 am