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LGBT religion news roundup

Various news from religious leaders in Arkansas, students at Baruch College and people of faith in “It Gets Better” videos to Mexico's LGBT-supportive churches.

Aunt Johnny checks out Naked Yoga in Hillcrest

Quite frankly, I’m the Johnny Depp of journalists … and I’m not afraid to dive deep into a story to bring my readers the who/what/when/where and how hard.

Big Assets: Preparing for an Emergency 911

An emergency fund is cash set aside for the unexpected things that happen in our lives. This money is used to pay for these emergencies so monthly budgets and savings plans do not get derailed.

Living Out: How LGBT employees are valued at Mattel

Peter Gandolfo, senior marketing manager at Mattel, discusses being out in the work place and creating a more inclusive environment at Mattel through the Our Proud Employee Network.

VIDEO: Insider Talk - Being gay at Google

Google employee discusses the benefits of working for an inclusive, equality-mindful company; and LGBT Google employees release "It Gets Better" video.

Hitting the town with Benny: Deadlines and Dragons

This year with little time to plan, my costume may be amazing, it may be dull, or it may even be a tragic mess, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend with friends celebrating a gays’ favorite holiday! Check out some of the Halloween and non-Halloween events going on around town.