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SDGLN Weekly Wrap: Sept. 21 - Sept. 27, 2019

In the news this week we learned the date of the annual Nicky Awards. The prestigious statuettes are handed out to people in the LGBT community and their allies who have made positive changes, raised money, or created safe and inclusive spaces for the community at large. 

Out & About: The "Fever" and Dream Machine Edition

Out & About: The "Fever" and Dream Machine Edition

This week's fun is all about your dreams. First, a fever dream at the Porto Vista Hotel for their 70's inspired party for Top of the Bay. Then there's a dream line-up at Rich's for Divas as Raven from Drag Race takes to the stage for a night of drag entertainment that can't be beat. 

Then dream of winning big at Mo's for bingo that benefits the SDAFFL. 

Nicky Awards 2019 date announced

Nicky Awards date announced.

San Diego is at the forefront of change in the LGBT community not only locally, but worldwide, and every year the people who are directly involved with those changes are recognized with Nicky nominations. 

SDGLN Weekly Wrap: Sept. 14 - Sept. 20, 2019

SDGLN Weekly Wrap: Sept. 14 - Sept. 20, 2019

This week there was some troubling news stories from around the country. One involved a young man whose church allegedly held him down and tried to "pray the gay away." Arizona also sided with a Christian-owned company who can now refuse service to LGBT people because of their religious beliefs. 

Out & About: The Overdrive & Soaked Edition

Here is what's up to this week in "Out & About."

September is already half over and as the fall weather begins to creep in there are still plenty of parties to enjoy before the big Nightmare on Normal Street event taking place in Hillcrest on October 26. 

DJ Blacklow at Overdrive plus special guest Autumn Leilani at Techniche

Techniche/Overdrive is on Saturday, September 21, 2019, starting at 10 pm.

OVERDRIVE and Techniche are not only two of the biggest and most colorful events in San Diego, they are also two of the most anticipated.

This revolutionary club culture collaboration has created the most progressive nightlife event around.