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San Diego Pride announces this year's theme

San Diego Pride announces this year's theme.
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SDPIX - Pride 2017

San Diego Pride has officially announced this year’s theme as “Persist with Pride” in an email statement from newly appointed Executive Director Fernando Lopez.

He says the decision is a call to action to the LGBT community after a year of suffering through a rise in hate, violence and political attacks. “We’ve been here before” reads the statement in part.

Lopez also points out that the current political administration has been one of the worst in history when it comes to embracing the LGBT community with “increasing threats to our employment, voting rights, access to health care, and even attempts to prevent us from receiving lifesaving services and care..”

He acknowledges the journey toward justice has been a long and tiring one.

“I have no doubt that together we are stronger. As each generation learns from one another, each community brings forward its support, each mind brings forward its brilliance, and we together breathe deep and lean into the struggle," Lopez writes. 

He adds: "This year you will be asked to lift your voice, to volunteer, and to vote. I hope you will all answer that call, as together we all persist with pride."

Lopez encourages people to engage in San Diego Pride 2018, also nominate people or organizations for this year's Spirit of Stonewall Awards. "There are many whose persistence inspires us all. Help us honor them," he writes.