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Trulia now offers LGBT insights to prospective real estate buyers

Trulia now offers users LGBT area insights.
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If you are looking for some real estate and use the search site Trulia, they now offer information on your LGBT protections for new homeowners in whichever state you decide to live.

The company says it started providing this service because they, "work to help people discover a place they’ll love to live by providing the insights they need to get a comprehensive picture of a neighborhood..."

They add: 

Across the United States, an estimated 55.2% of all housing units are covered by local protections for sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and 22 states, plus Washington, D.C., have full protections for housing, employment, and public accommodations.The feature provides details on which protections exist and if those protections are provided at the state, county, or city level.

This feature underscores Trulia’s culture of diversity, inclusion, and innovation. Not only was the Local Legal Protections feature born from a recent Innovation Week at Trulia, it was also conceived and built by the members of our internal Pride Network.

The company says they are proud of the new feature and also realize the LGBT community isn't the only group without federal protections, "LGBT specific data is a starting point for our Local Legal Protections feature. We’re always looking into data sources that will give house hunters the information they need to find the right place to live. Stay tuned for more," they write.

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