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Love in a time of Korea

Love is celebrated in some fashion or another in every culture. One particular country where love is taken very seriously is South Korea. Korea doesn’t have one day of love like America, they have three widely celebrated days of love.

Filth2Go, February 5, 2010

Have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up? Some of you may be reading this on the actual day - which, for the record, is February 13th.

Pride board had too much pride

The so-called Pridegate debacle started long before anyone awarded a bonus or fired anybody. It began when the culture of San Diego Pride became one of … well … PRIDE.

Dead mouse, flourishing relationship

I’ve always had a soft spot for critters scaly or furry, although smartasses will be quick to point out that I have no moral qualms wolfing down a chicken sandwich. Nonetheless, I would never attempt to kill an unwelcome apartment guest, even if its eyes had the crazed look of rabies.

Letting go is hard to do

Letting go is hard to do. We often get wrapped in certain people, things and events that are just so hard to shake.

Filth2Go January 29, 2010

I certainly never get tired of watching the ever earnest Anderson Cooper reporting from Haiti. Is it just me or are his T-shirts getting tighter?

Pop Op: Up in the Air

The old saying goes “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” but in the age of Skype, "Friends and Family" calling plans and Facebook, are we doing more than just racking up the frequent flyer miles?

Traveling on a Budget

CouchSurfing is not to be confused with SofaSurfing, which is where one goes from friend to friend staying on their sofa as long as their friend will let them and then moves to the next friend usually due to the financial inability to land a place of their own. CouchSurfing is a community of travelers around the world.

More than just a pretty face

Last weekend while at Rich's, an older man looked at me and said “Boys like you weren’t made to be smart-you’re just eye candy.” For a split second I thought about slapping him in the face.